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So far, we have completed more than 600,000 square meters of Natural Smoke Ventilator project, becoming the leader in this industry in many aspects such as factory scale, product quality, project achievements. Our projects cases involve automotive, high-speed rail transit, logistics and warehousing, public buildings, food and medicine and other fields. Our products and service have been praised by customers.
Our factory equipped with high-end machines to achieve standardized, lean and efficient production. We apply ERP / MRP management software system to improve high management level and working efficiency.
Tianrui Co., Ltd. is fully committed to building fire smoke exhaust window 3.0 products. Four waterproof designs eliminate the hidden danger of water leakage from the structure. Leak-free structure waterproof base with reliable overall waterproof performance and no condensation water. Independent research and development and production execution agency and obtained national fire protection CCC certification.
Toprise deliberately developed Smoke Ventilator 2.0 and have obtained more than 30 national patents. 2.0 products provide excellent air tightness, water tightness and resistance to wind pressure, thermal insulation to achieve structural waterproofing. It has been widely used in the different fields.
TOPRISE has achieved remarkable achievement in the international market and successfully entered the supply system of Woolworths, Australia's largest retailer.
TOPRISE researched and developed the Smoke Ventilator 1.0 and started to enter the market of Fire Smoke Ventilator market.
We invested 20 million dollars to build a new comprehensive production base with 40,000 square meters in Taicang Port Development Zone Jiangsu.
Seizing the opportunity in the financial crisis, our engineering company grew rapidly, and ridge ventilator business expanded rapidly.
TOPRISE invested a second factory in Taicang, Jiangsu and built a more sophisticated and more automated FRP production line.
Successfully developed wind-proof and dust-proof panels and ventilated gas buildings. We established international sales channels and entered the international market.
We developed Natural Ventilator and put them on the market in large quantities. We also obtained ISO 9001 certificate.
TOPRISE set up a production base in Shanghai and introduced a fully automatic FRP production line, becoming the first FRP Skylight manufacturer in Shanghai.
TOPRISE was established in Shanghai and actively enter the market of steel structure buildings.
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