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Hidden Frame Glass NSHEV
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Hidden Frame Glass NSHEV

With invisible aluminum alloy frame structure, single and double windows can be selected. It is suitable for natural smoke extraction, ventilation and natural lighting on the roof. It has strong thermal insulation and waterproof structure. It can be linked with the fire control system and can be connected to the wind and rain induction control system for intelligent control.
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Product Features
  • The  appearance is beautiful and generous, and the light transmittance is high
  • Solve the problems of dust and water accumulation.
  • The window is structurally waterproof.
  • Can realize remote monitoring.
  • K value: from 1.8 to 2.7 W m2/°K
  • Reliability: Re 1000 cycles (smoke exhaust) or Re 10000 cycles (daily ventilation)
  • Open within 60s
  • Snow load: 500Pa
  • Resistance to heat: 300℃ 30mins
  • Low ambient temperature: -25℃
  • Structural waterproofing design
Application area
The glass roofs of public and commercial buildings such as transportation hubs, convention centers, commercial complexes, and stadiums. 
Technical Parameters
Window structure: The window frame is made of broken bridge aluminum alloy, and the lighting material is tempered glass or hollow glass
Control system: 1) 24V safety voltage is used for electric opening. Screw or chain window opener can be selected.
                          2) Pneumatic opening uses two-way gas supply, compressed air and carbon dioxide emergency gas cylinders, and anti-failure device.
Product size:    0.5m≤single window width≤1.5m; 0.5m≤single window length≤1.5m.
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