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NSHEV Control System
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Natural Smoke and Heat Ventilator

Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilator provides natural light, ventilation, smoke exhaust. It can be linked with fire fighting system. Once there's fire indoors, the windows can be opened within 60s automatically. It has excellent water-tightness, air-tightness, resistance to wind load and thermal insulation. The control systems are available in electric and pneumatic which are safe and reliable.

According to clients requirements, the opening angle can reach 150°+, The skylight part can be hollow polycarbonate sheet or tempered glass which can effectively increase the indoor brightness. The window frame is made of theremal break heat insulated aluminum alloy profile, which can reduce the U value effectively. 



Principles and Function of NSHEV System

Time of issue:2019-11-06 00:00:00
The important role of NSHEV SYSTEM
   We have a very clear division between the two concepts of "fire extinguishing" and "fire prevention" in fire protection:
 ● Fire extinguishing: Fire extinguishing means all measures taken in the event of a fire to prevent it from endangering life, health and property.
 ● Fire prevention: Fire prevention means all measures taken to prevent fire from occurring or spreading and keep escape routes open. The purpose is to prevent the spread of fire, give people time to escape on their own, and give fire brigades time to organize people to escape safely from the building .
  Fire exhaust windows are classified as "fire-resistant" products, which help save lives in a fire. Implementation of national standard building codes, special building codes and technical codes.
  During a fire, a large amount of smoke, gas, and heat is generated. The most important function of the fire smoke exhaust window is to efficiently and quickly discharge smoke, gas and heat outside the building. Avoid accumulating large amounts of toxic fumes in a short period of time.
  In buildings without smoke extraction windows, the risk of escape and rescue measures will be greatly exacerbated, because the inability to exhaust heat and smoke will cause fires and thick smoke, and active and passive rescue will not be possible.
  When a fire occurs, the fire protection system will send a fire alarm signal to the fire linkage controller, and the fire controller will open the fire window to quickly discharge poisonous smoke.
  Fire deaths are rarely burned, and almost 90% are killed by suffocation caused by inhalation of smoke. "People who died in the fire were mainly suffocated by thick smoke" mainly had the following reasons: 
 ● Toxic and corrosive ingredients
 ● A large amount of smoke rises under the buoyancy effect, causing dense smoke to permeate the entire room or building. In the worst case, extreme temperatures can also cause buildings to collapse. One of the most important tasks of fire smoke exhaust windows is to increase the smoke and heat exhaust channels of the building. This will allow more time for people to evacuate the building by themselves, allow the fire brigade to actively rescue and evacuate the entire building.
  How the natural smoke extraction system works:
  After being triggered by the smoke sensor or manually, the smoke and heat exhaust window will open automatically. Rising fumes can be discharged through these channels in the early stages of a fire. Fresh air channels installed in the lower part of the building play an indispensable role in this process. These channels suck in fresh air and assist in the exhaustion of a large amount of smoke.
  Benefits of installing a fire exhaust window
  The fire smoke exhaust window can be quickly opened when a fire occurs, exhausting smoke, hot air, and inhaling fresh air, so as to gain valuable time for personnel escape and firefighters to extinguish the fire.

Mouth protection  

Mouth keep escape channel smokefree

Reduce environmental damage

Protection of property

Active rescue

Mouth protection building structure

Mouth assisted fire suppression 

Control the fire in a local area

Mouth to minimize damage from fire extinguishing

Ventilation in a mouth fire

Minimize the use of fire extinguishing agents


Minimizing heat load


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Project Cases of TOPRISE NSHEV

Time of issue:2019-11-04 00:00:00
project name Sunroof type Area (square meter) Completion time

Jinshan Weilong

Slotted, hollow PC board

936 Under construction

Wuyishan Nongfushan Spring

Dome type, hollow PC board

670 Under construction

Xi'an Bosch

Triangle, aluminum


Shanxi Yuncheng Dayun Automobile New Energy Plant Project

Dome type, hollow PC board

864 11/11/2019

Shijiazhuang City Rail Transit Line 3 Phase 2 Bid Section 04

Hanging window, hollow PC board

1757 Under construction

Beijing Benz Automobile Co., Ltd. reorganizes the BAIC Beijing branch manufacturing upgrade project

Slotted, hollow PC board

3109 2019/09/01

Xiangxi Hesheng Original Tobacco Development Co., Ltd.

Triangle, round arch, hollow PC board

2044 11/11/2019

Yupei E-commerce Changsha Operation Center

Slotted, hollow PC board

432 11/11/2019

Fengshu Changsha Airport Logistics Park

Slotted, hollow PC board

675 11/11/2019

Kunming Airport Logistics Park Construction Project Natural Ventilation Smoke Exhaust System

Slotted, hollow PC board

936 11/11/2019

Product upgrade project of BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd. (Dadong Plant)

Arch type, hollow PC board

7003 Under construction

ContiTech Qingdao

Slotted, hollow PC board

354 2019/10/1

Shanghai Jinshan State Chemical

Slotted, hollow PC board

twenty four 11/11/2019

Brilliance Renault Skylight Project

Triangle type, hollow PC board

210 2019/9/1

Geely Industrial Park

Dome type, hollow PC board


Changzhou Engel injection molding machine

Dome type, hollow PC board

1443 2019/9/1

Phase I of Tianjin Airlines Port Grand Customs Clearance Base

Triangle type, hollow PC board