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Turbo ventilator 150/200/250
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Natural ventilation

Natural ventilator is a ventilating device that is driven by natural horizontal wind and vertical air flow formed by the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. The scientifically designed blade can push it to rotate even with the breeze. When the turbine head rotates, it generates centrifugal force, which extracts hot air, smoke, humid gases and other exhaust gases in the space below the turbine head. As the exhaust gas is drawn out, a negative pressure zone is formed under the turbine head. Fresh air from the outside will flow into the negative pressure zone from the windows and doors, and the turbine head continuously rotates to achieve the purpose of ventilation, exhaust, and exhaust.

Tianrui company has 150/200/250/300/500/600 / Jufeng 600 // Jufeng 700 / Jufeng 900 and other models of natural ventilator. Among them, high-quality fluorocarbon-coated aluminum alloy and high-quality 304 / 2B stainless steel ventilator have become Tianrui's signature products and enjoy a worldwide reputation!



Working Principle of Natural Roof Ventilator

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  Introduction to Bernoulli's Law:
  The sum of the static pressure and dynamic pressure of a fluid is a constant. That is, the pressure is lower where the fluid flow rate is larger, whereas the pressure is higher where the fluid flow rate is smaller.
  Safety, high efficiency, low noise, energy saving, and environmental protection have extremely high cost performance, guaranteeing the long-term interests of users. It is an ideal ventilation equipment for industrial plants, logistics warehouses, commercial and civil buildings, and maintains indoor air circulation Inspire and improve people's work efficiency.

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TOPRISE 150/200/250MM Natural Ventilator

The fixed ventilator is a product that does not have its own rotation, but can quickly exchange and circulate indoor and outdoor air. The working principle is that the indoor and outdoor temperature difference between indoor and outdoor makes the indoor air flow, hot air and moisture are discharged from the fixed ventilator, and the room always maintains fresh air. This product requires no energy consumption and is environmentally friendly. Suitable for stadiums, warehouses, factories, farmhouses, indoor parking lots and other environments. Because the fixed ventilator has no rotation, it is visually balanced, quiet, vibration-free, and has a long service life. This product is welcomed and chosen by designers and owners.
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Performance of Natural Ventilator

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Ventilator international trade
country usage amount country usage amount
India 16000 units Morocco 648 cars
Australia 5500 cars Nigeria 800 cars
Indonesia 4600 units Malaysia 530 cars
South Africa 6200 units Pakistan 432 cars
new Zealand 500 units Thailand 360 units
Russia 1500 units United Arab Emirates 435
Ventilator international trade
Saudi 660 cars Canada 560 units
Czech Republic 200 units Congo 140 cars
Dubai 440 Kenya 280
United States 24000 units Brazil 12000 units
Qatar   Denmark  
Mexico   Norway  
Philippines   Singapore  
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