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Ventilation building

Ventilation and air building is a large-scale integrated equipment that integrates ventilation, exhaust, smoke exhaust, and lighting, and is composed of accessories such as profiled colored steel plates, FRP lighting panels and steel structure skeletons. It has been widely used in power, metallurgy, chemical, electronics, Building surface for various industries such as shipbuilding.



Working Principle of Natural Ridge Ventilator

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Design flow chart of Tianrui ventilation building
Working principle of Ridge Ventilator
Ventilation air building applicability
  1, 3 ° C <temperature difference ≤ 5 ° C-workshop or warehouse without hot gas generation; refer to 6-10 times / hour for air exchange times.
  2. 5 ° C <Temperature difference s10 ° C-Plants with a little hot air or a little smoke; refer to 10-20 times / hour for air change times.
  3.10 ° C <Temperature difference ≤15 ° C-Plants with moderate or slight hot air; refer to 20-30 times / hour for air changes.
  4.Temperature difference of 215 ° C-Plants with high hot gas or high concentration; refer to 30-35 times / hour for ventilation.

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Pneumatic Control System

Pneumatic control system is designed as main air source open + CO² emergency air source open to achieve firefighting linkage control, remote monitoring, feedback and control through MODBUS485S protocol, PLC and BAS The main function of the pneumatic fire smoke exhaust window is daylighting, smoke extraction, ventilation and ventilation, and it is mainly daylighting. When receiving the fire linkage signal, all sunroofs can be opened within the set time. When the pressure of the main air source is insufficient, the emergency CO² air source can be opened according to the instructions of the control system, and all the fire smoke exhaust windows can be opened at the set time to ensure safety and reliability.

Electric Control System

TOPRISE electric control system has universal control mode, intelligent control mode, and intelligent network control mode. All three control modes have fire linkage function. We can design different models of smoke extraction equipment according to the different needs of customers. Fully play its fire and smoke exhaust, lighting and ventilation functions.
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Performance of Natural Ventilator

Time of issue:2019-11-08 00:00:00
Ventilator international trade
country usage amount country usage amount
India 16000 units Morocco 648 cars
Australia 5500 cars Nigeria 800 cars
Indonesia 4600 units Malaysia 530 cars
South Africa 6200 units Pakistan 432 cars
new Zealand 500 units Thailand 360 units
Russia 1500 units United Arab Emirates 435
Ventilator international trade
Saudi 660 cars Canada 560 units
Czech Republic 200 units Congo 140 cars
Dubai 440 Kenya 280
United States 24000 units Brazil 12000 units
Qatar   Denmark  
Mexico   Norway  
Philippines   Singapore  
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