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Tianrui FRP lighting board-secondary flame retardant
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Tianrui FRP lighting board-secondary flame retardant

Tianrui FRP has high strength and stiffness. Strength refers to the maximum stress value in the object when the FRP lighting board is damaged by stress, including tensile, bending, impact, and shear strength. The rigidity indicates the resistance of the FRP lighting board to deformation. Therefore, when the Tianrui FRP lighting board is formed, the ribs are arranged on the surface to improve the rigidity. The product is a flammable material. When the fire occurs, the thick smoke in the room will be exhausted quickly, which can reduce the casualties of the fire personnel. The product does not generate molten droplets during the combustion process, which can effectively protect the safety of field personnel.
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● mechanical properties: high toughness steel plate light
● resin component: The adoption of DIC added FHH-1092 flame retardant and other resin
● reinforced fiber: alkali-free gum untwisted fiberglass
● Surface treatment: PT055 film surface mounting
● bead line: longitudinal surface has a uniform distribution of anti-LAC 10mm gluten line (selected by the customer whether to add their own)
● basis weight: 1800g / m² 2400 g / 2,750 g of m² / m² 3050 g / m²
● nominal thickness: 1.2mm 1.5mm 1.8mm 2.0 mm
● Operating temperature: -60 ° C to + 130 ° C
● Light transmittance: 75% soil 2% (sapphire blue) 53% ± 2% (milk white)
● UV resistance: 97% (add not less than 0.3 % UV absorbent)
● Oxygen index parameter: ≥26 
● Warranty period: 20 years
● Recommended use range: Applicable to workshops with ordinary flame retardancy requirements for FRP lighting panels.




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