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Tianrui Standard FRP Anticorrosive Board
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Tianrui Standard FRP Anticorrosive Board

Material corrosion is widespread in all areas of people's economy and life. The damage caused by corrosion is very huge, causing material damage and premature scrap. According to statistics, in developed countries, the direct losses caused by metal corrosion each year can account for 4% of the gross national product, and the indirect losses are even greater. Corrosion is a complex phenomenon. There are no fixed patterns and laws. Materials of various structures have their own characteristics when corroded by the corrosive medium. The end result of corrosion is highly variable.
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● preservative properties: Standard FRP plate corrosion
● resin component: Japanese-phenyl D1C company improved unsaturated polyester resin
● reinforced fiber: alkali-free glass fiber Tai, content of more than 28%
● Surface treatment: coating paste or equivalent film Garware PT055 film
● bead wire: 10mm surface having a longitudinally uniform distribution of anti-gluten LAC line (selected by the customer whether to add their own)
● basis weight: 2750gsm 3050 g / m 2    3350g / m 2    3685g / m 2 (tolerance ± 10%)
● Nominal thickness: 1.8mm 2.0mm 2.2mm 2.5mm (allowable error ± 10%)
● Operating temperature: -40 ° C to + 120 ° C
● Light transmittance: <1% ● UV resistance: no less than 3.5% of BASF UV absorber ● Warranty period: 15 years ● Recommended range of use: Industrial buildings and plants in high altitude, high and cold areas, etc.


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