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TOPRISE Straight Vanes Natural Ventilator
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TOPRISE Straight Vanes Natural Ventilator

In 2012, Tianrui launched a giant wind type ventilator for the world, with a large 900mm throat size, huge wind displacement, and scientific and reasonable structural design. It uses a vertical blade design to maximize horizontal wind drive, accelerate the turbine head speed, and obtain huge The siphon force makes the exhaust air volume larger, and the smoke exhausting capacity is super strong. It can selectively replace the smoke exhaust sunroof. The relatively small number of uses reduces costs while protecting against rain and dust. Variable angle pipe diameter design can be used for multi-angle roofing, easy to install. Lightweight aluminum alloy material, light weight, can run freely even at low wind speeds, stronger anti-corrosion performance. Japan's Asahi stainless steel non-lubricating bearings, longer service life. Mainly used in industrial and commercial premises. Effectively reduce indoor temperature, reduce indoor foul gas, and provide a good working environment. Special note: In order to meet the needs of customers in some cold regions, Tianruite has developed an open and close giant wind 900 model to effectively achieve warmth and ventilation.
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Advantages of TOPRISE Straight Vanes Ventilator
 ● Main material of Tianrui wind-type ventilator
 ● Top cover and blade: anodized aluminum alloy, super corrosion resistance;
 ● Variable angle pipe diameter: polyester-coated aluminum alloy, super corrosion resistance;
 ● Upper bearing: Permanently lubricated fully enclosed cylindrical bearing;
 ● Lower bearing: Japan Asahi Seiko permanently lubricated fully sealed bearings.
 ● According to customer's requirements, the surface of the ventilator can be powder-coated and unsprayed, providing a variety of colors to meet the needs of different buildings.
model Variable angle pipe diameter (mm) Ventilator height (mm) Turbine head diameter (mm)
600 600 658 785
700 700 780 870
900 900 926 1096


model Variable angle pipe height (mm) Base plate (mm) Weight (KG)
600 230 1000x1000 12.5
700 300 1000x1000 14.9
900 390 1200x1200 26


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