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TOPRISE 150/200/250MM Natural Ventilator
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TOPRISE 150/200/250MM Natural Ventilator

The fixed ventilator is a product that does not have its own rotation, but can quickly exchange and circulate indoor and outdoor air. The working principle is that the indoor and outdoor temperature difference between indoor and outdoor makes the indoor air flow, hot air and moisture are discharged from the fixed ventilator, and the room always maintains fresh air. This product requires no energy consumption and is environmentally friendly. Suitable for stadiums, warehouses, factories, farmhouses, indoor parking lots and other environments. Because the fixed ventilator has no rotation, it is visually balanced, quiet, vibration-free, and has a long service life. This product is welcomed and chosen by designers and owners.
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 ◆ 150/200/250 small-scale ventilator can be widely installed on the roof or wall pipe, which can quickly discharge the indoor foul gas, improve the living environment and be healthy.
 ◆ Economical installation cost, low maintenance cost, and considerable energy saving effect are the best products for civil ventilator.
 ◆ 150/200/250 type material: aluminum alloy as base material, outer coating ≥20um fluorocarbon polyester coating; Japan fine INSK bearing.
 ◆ Suggested use range: -Applicable to commercial and residential houses.
 ◆ Warranty: 15 years.
model Variable angle pipe diameter (mm) Ventilator height (mm) Turbine head diameter (mm)
150 150 330 300
200 200 370 320
250 250 392 345


model Variable angle pipe height (mm) Base plate (mm) Number of leaves Weight (KG)
150 120 - 18 1.1
200 160 - 18 1.5
250 180 - 18 2.0


10   1   1

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