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TOPRISE Natural Static Ventilator
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TOPRISE Natural Static Ventilator

The static ventilator is a product that does not have its own rotation, but can quickly exchange and circulate indoor and outdoor air. The working principle is that the indoor and outdoor temperature difference between indoor and outdoor makes the indoor air flow, hot air and moisture are discharged from the static ventilator, and the room always maintains fresh air. This product requires no energy consumption and is environmentally friendly. Suitable for stadiums, warehouses, factories, farmhouses, indoor parking lots and other environments. Because the static ventilator has no rotation, it is visually balanced, quiet, vibration-free, and has a long service life. This product is welcomed and chosen by designers and owners.
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Tianrui can powder spray the surface of the ventilator according to customer needs, providing a variety of colors to meet the needs of different buildings
TOPRISE Static Ventilator Advantages
1. All aluminum alloy construction
2. Anodic oxidation or powder coating on aluminum alloy- long term anti- corrosive and durability.
3. Aluminum alloy section bar for internal support, anodic oxidation on the surface of section bar. 
4. Aluminum alloy rivets, EPDM sealing ring are fit on top rivets for sealing and waterproof.
5. Reasonable design provides for excellent air flow, ventilation coefficient achieves 1:1.
6. Its design prevents rain and snow from entering inside.
7. Rustproof anti-bird mesh is available inside.
8. Varipitch design allows easy DIY installation and suitable for roofs with any angles.
9. Cyclone region rating is available.
Exhaust Capacity
Wind speed  Wind speed Wind speed
504 cbm of air per hour
918 cbm of air per hour
1317 cbm of air per hour
Model Varipitch diameter (mm) Ventilator Height (mm) Head Diameter (mm)
300 300 440 460
500 500 460 700


model Varipitch Height (mm) Base (mm) Number of Blades Weight
Aluminum alloy AA
300 190 500 * 500 2 2.1
500 190 750 * 800 2 4.3


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