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TOPRISE Natural Turbine Ventilator
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TOPRISE Natural Turbine Ventilator

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TOPRISE Fluorocarbon Coated Aluminum Alloy Natural Ventilator
◆ Material: Aluminum alloy as base material, outer coating ≥20 μm fluorocarbon coating, Japan NSK bearing, metal bracket or flame-resistant reinforced nylon bracket, rivet connection.
◆ Recommended Application: in strong corrosive gas environment, high pollution industries, workshops, workshops and warehouses.
◆ Warranty: 15 years.
The new fluorocarbon-coated aluminum alloy ventilator uses a 3005 # aluminum alloy plate as the base material. The inner layer of the aluminum alloy is provided with an anti-oxidation film and the outer layer is sprayed with a 20μm fluorocarbon coating: the fluorocarbon coating has good weather resistance. Heat and cold shock resistance, mechanical scratch resistance, excellent surface self-lubrication, and excellent adhesion and chemical resistance of the cured paint film, can provide protection to metal surfaces for more than 15 years. Of all the materials currently used in the production of turbine ventilators, aluminum alloy materials are undoubtedly the lightest one. Therefore, the bearings of fluorocarbon-coated aluminum alloy ventilators bear less pressure and the bearing is more sensitive to rotation, even in the breeze. It can also rotate freely in the environment. At the same time, it uses the excellent Japanese Seiko NSK fully enclosed non-lubricated bearings to provide a longer life guarantee for the ventilator. Superior corrosion resistance, weather resistance and strong abrasion resistance; long life, light weight, high sensitivity, and exhaust effect are better than other materials of the same type of ventilator. Fluorocarbon-coated aluminum alloy ventilator is your best choice for ventilation.
The current domestic stainless steel ventilators have different quality due to the use of different materials of stainless steel. The better quality 304/28 stainless steel has the ability to resist corrosion in normal environments compared to other models of stainless steel, but it faces some Highly corrosive gas environments, such as harsh environments such as seaside powerhouses and pickling plants, also perform poorly. If higher nickel-containing stainless steel is used as the raw material of the ventilator, its price often makes many of our customers feel difficult. The current market life of ordinary aluminum alloy ventilators is short due to the lack of attention to surface anti-corrosion and oxidation treatment.
TOPRISE has been in the forefront of the industry in improving the performance and life of the ventilator. Fluorocarbon-coated aluminum alloy ventilator makes up for these shortcomings of stainless steel and ordinary aluminum alloy ventilator, and provides the possibility for the use of the ventilator in special industries and special environments.
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